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Absolutely! Our club events are meant for members of all experience levels. In fact, our interview prep curriculum is designed specifically to cater to individuals who have never done cases. We will begin by building up basic fundamentals before introducing more advanced topics.

No, you do not have to commit to attending all sessions of the series. Even if you do end up missing a session, you will still be able to access our slides which are sent out on the mailing list every week and are also available on our resource archive. You can also reach out to club members for in person practice using our case partner matching sheet.

Absolutely! Regardless of whether you are interested in field-specific or management consulting, we believe you will benefit from two specific categories of club events:

1) Networking events, alumni panels, firm visits. Hear from recruiters and consultants about life at various consulting firms. We are actively inviting a large variety of firms to campus. Please reach out using the contact tab if you have specific examples of firms you’d like to see.

2) Personal Experience Interview workshops. Learn about how to talk effectively about your goals and leadership/work experience. Gain hands-on experience and improve your skills.